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Travel can be a brilliant way to try new things, meet new people and learn about new places.

It gives you a break from your usual routine and can help you relax and recharge.

We don’t want your disability to keep you from experiencing the joys of travel, so we regularly organise group trips that are designed to build your confidence. The good thing is that these trips can often be built into your NDIS plan.

Advance Travel

The trips include:

Short Term Accommodation


Short Term Accommodation

Support staff

Short Term Accommodation


Short Term Accommodation

Approved activities

We tailor our trips to the needs and interests of our participants, which means you get a say in where we go and what we see and do. Each year, we ask participants where they want to go, and the most popular place becomes the destination for our next trip.

Advance Travel

We provide a safe, structured and supported way to explore new and familiar places

Our planned getaways are designed to build your confidence out in the world while giving you the opportunity to meet and make new friends.

If you’re keen to discover new or familiar places, see something different, and go on an adventure, we’ve got your travel needs covered.

Got an away event coming up?

ADSR provides support to individuals and groups who need to travel for an occasion.

If you’ve got a wedding to attend, family to visit, or an event coming up, Advance Travel can help you every step of the way.

Some adventures we’ve gone on and places we’ve visited so far:

• Cruise to Tasmania
• Cruise to Moreton Island
• Gold Coast
• Port Macquarie
• Gorokan
• Canberra
• Hunter Valley
• Umina (Central Coast)

Advance Travel

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